Radio Control Systems

Remtron Radio Control Systems are an excellent way to offer additional operator safety and reduce down time due to push button and pendent issues. They are cost effective tools suited for use on electric chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists, bridge cranes and more. Learn more about Remtron Radio Control Systems.

Remtron Wireless Hand Held Radio Control Systems Brochure (pdf)

Warning Devise Requirement for Radio Remote Control Cranes (pdf)

Radio control systems are easy to wire and with their compact size easy to install. Radio control systems offered on do not require a FCC license and produce a radio signal that does not require “line of sight” as is the case with infer-red radio controls.

A radio control system can improve safety in your facility by allowing the crane and hoist operator to stand away from the lifted load. This allows one man with a radio control to walk around a large load making sling connections and have the ability to adjust the load hook at any location. From up-time and maintenance perspective, by removing the push button station and pendant from a crane or hoist and installing a radio, you will reduce down-time on your hoisting equipment due to less control station repairs. The payback on a radio control system can be the cost of one repair.