Harrington Hand Pushed Trolleys

Harrington hand push trolleys are moved along a rail or beam by the operator pulling on the hoist load chain or strain relief cable. They are a practical solution to moving loads where the number of cycles is infrequent, and the trolley mounting height is 15’ or less. Generally speaking, the horizontal force required to move a load is ¾% to 1-1/2 % of the lifted load. Harrington hand push trolleys are not limited to supporting hoists. They can be used to support fixtures having a need to move along a rail, special doors such as is found in airplane hangers or other items requiring overhead movement.

Outstanding features of the these push trolleys include:

    • Sure trolley tracking with specially designed contoured wheels that fit both tapered (S) beams and flat-flange (W) beams.
    • Maintenance-free, sealed precision ball bearings are lubed-for-life and offer smooth movement, with low friction and long life.
    • Strong engineered design offers compact design and light weight.
    • Trolleys are adjustable to fit a wire variety of beam flange widths.
    • Load equalizing suspension distributes the load to all wheels equally, preventing wheel overload conditions.
    • Hand push trolley is ideal for longer traversing distances.
    • Hand geared trolley is ideal for shorter traversing distances and precise load control.

Product Manual – Download