Manual Trolleys

Manual trolleys are a reliable and cost-effective way to maneuver a suspended load. We carry products that range from ¼ Ton to 8 Ton capacities. These trolleys can be easily mounted to a jib crane, gantry crane, or suspended beam that can handle the capacity. Their portability and easy mounting nature make them great for in the field applications. There are two types of manual trolleys: push operation and hand geared operation. Push operation trolleys simply operate by pushing them in one direction or the other. Hand geared trolleys operate by pulling on one side or the other of a chain fall attached to a pocket wheel. When the pocket wheel turns, it turns the wheels on the trolley and the trolley operates along the surface. These trolleys are manufactured with wheels that can operate on I, W, and S beams. We offer Harrington, CM, Budget, and Coffing manual trolleys.

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