"301" Series - Wall Bracket Jib Cranes

Spanco “301” Series Wall Bracket Tie Rod Supported Jib Cranes offer an economical solution to moving and lifting heavy loads in a specified work area. Their low cost and ease of installation make the Wall Bracket Jib Crane a great ergonomic tool for workstations, machining centers, assembly areas and maintenance shops. The Spanco Jib Crane is the standard for design in the industry, and for over 30 years have been designed to provide dependable, durable lifting solutions built in accordance with CMAA, AWS and OSHA.

The Spanco “301” Series Wall Bracket Tie Rod Supported Jib Cranes are available on-line from 1/2 ton to 5 ton capacity and spans up to 30’.

These high quality jib cranes consist of top and bottom wall mount brackets, a tie rod assembly, beam bracket and load beam. The top and bottom wall brackets utilize a formed steel channel with two bronze bushings, bronze thrust washers, and formed tie rod clevises, with bolted connections in double shear. All swivel connections utilize bronze bushings and grease fittings to ease rotation, promoting long life and low maintenance. Spanco jib cranes are easy to install and because of the hundreds of standard designs and efficient manufacturing techniques, you are just a short time away from realizing the benefits of lifting with a Spanco jib crane.

Outstanding features of the Spanco Wall Bracket Tie Rod Supported Jib Cranes are:

  • Provides 200 degree rotation for maximum hook coverage
  • Utilizes a standard I-beam boom, a tie rod threaded at both ends, a fabricated beam bracket, and two wall brackets, one for the tie rod and one for the boom
  • Allows maximum usage of the work area, including work close to the existing structure, because there are no supporting components under the boom.
  • The tie rod jib crane is the most economical style of jib crane, provided overhead clearance of building column strength is not a limiting factor.
  • Quick and easy installation, and easily re-locatable in the future.
  • Optional equipment available includes tagline festoon and rotation stops.

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