Hoists and cranes installed outdoors are subject to internal corrosion as a result of their exposure to the elements. This often overlooked issue can disable equipment that appears to be in good condition. Power plants, wastewater treatment facilities, utility operations and marinas are a few examples of industries that require outdoor lifting equipment. These installations have infrequent duty cycles that contribute to internal corrosion and subsequent equipment damage if not protected.

Protect Lifting Equipment from Corrosion

Outdoor crane and hoist installations must be designed to protect internal electrical components from rain, snow, sun and most importantly condensation. Wash-down duty motors, NEMA 4X control enclosures and epoxy paint are used to protect equipment externally from the elements. However, hidden damage to electrical equipment can occur from condensation inside motors and enclosures. The equipment may look well maintained and in good condition externally, but internal corrosion could affect electrical devices rendering the equipment inoperable.

Use Lifting Equipment Regularly

Sealed enclosures and motors are designed to keep water and moisture out. When exposed to daily warming and cooling cycles, moisture and condensation can develop inside the component. This is often found in lifting systems that operate infrequently due to their supporting role of maintaining plant and processing equipment. If equipment installed outdoors was operated daily, the heat generated from motors and electrical components would reduce the potential for corrosion due to condensation.

Keep Electrical Components Dry

Space heaters installed inside motors and enclosures protect infrequently used equipment from corrosion due to condensation. Hundreds of dollars invested in protecting these components will save thousands of dollars in maintenance, repair and replacement costs. More importantly, when properly outfitted with space heaters, the equipment will be available for its intended duty when necessary, saving additional costs in down time or emergency measures. Other protective measures include covers, epoxy paint, design strategies, regular inspections and well executed maintenance programs.

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