Pictured above shows a Harrington manual chain hoist with a manual trolley mounted to a Spanco aluminum gantry crane being used to remove an engine from a car.

If you have ever asked yourself the above question, then you are trying to determine if a hoist is the right piece of material handling equipment for you or your operation. This could be a question of safety in your workplace, and if it would be safer to lift and move a load by a hoist as opposed to a person. This could also be a productivity question, by determining if the speed and efficiency of lifting and moving a load with a hoist will make your operation more profitable. Or, maybe it is a question of effort and making life easier when lifting a load repeatedly. In its simplest form, a hoist is a piece of material handling equipment that lifts and lowers a load. Various options can be added to the hoist to enable the load to be lifted and maneuvered around a specified area.

Large companies that produce thousands of products could absolutely benefit from the use of a hoist.  Depending on the needs within work stations, size of the plant, number of times something is picked in a day, and various other application factors, a hoist can be utilized.  At the same time, smaller operations and individuals with hobbies can benefit from using a hoist as well. The car enthusiast that works on a car in his or her garage on the weekends could benefit from the use of a hoist.  Food distributors use hoists to maneuver rolls of plastic into position to load into a machine. One of Cordell’s customers is a local tea brewer and is using a hoist on a monorail to move baskets along the process. With a wide range of capacities, hoists can be very useful pieces of equipment that can help your operation succeed.

In short, if you need to lift a load, re-position it, move it to a new location, remove something to work on, or have other material handling challenges, you could benefit from the use of a hoist. There are various options when it comes to mounting a hoist to a fixed position or structure, monorail, jib crane, gantry crane, or bridge crane that will get the job done. If you need a hoist but are unsure of what exactly you may need, please give us a call and one of our qualified and experienced sales engineers will make sure you get the right product for your application.